With our national reckoning over racism, media outlets have reached out asking for my thoughts and perspectives on the history of American Jews, race relations, and antisemitism. Most recently, the NFL network, CNNaudio, ESPN, and Yahoo Sports have carried interviews about the rise of antisemitism among professional athletes as well as the complexities around Jews, whiteness, power and privilege.

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NFL Roundtable

I was a guest on the NFL Roundtable, where we discussed:

  • Reaction to DeSean Jackson’s comments, Why Zach Banner spoke out, has the fight against anti-Semitism been forgotten in recent years? [Video Link]
  • Slurs used and heard on the field for college and pro players, anti-Semitism on college campuses. [Video Link]
  • Moving forward from the conversation started by DeSean Jackson’s comments, How Black Lives Matter and anti-Semitism movements can work together. [Video Link]
  • Being reluctant to call out teammates on anti-Semitism, Zach’s post standing up against anti-Semitism. [Video Link]

NPR Codeswitch

NPR interviewed me about "Exploding Myths About 'Black Power, Jewish Politics'" for their CodeSwitch section.


Don Lemon: Finding Common Ground
In the wake of antisemitic comments from prominent Black athletes and entertainers, we examine the strong alliances and deeply ingrained tensions between the Black and Jewish communities. How does their solidarity during the 1960s civil rights movement inform these relationships today? Don talks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who recently penned an article on this topic, as well as historian Marc Dollinger and political strategist Ginna Green.

Movie Review

Adam Driver, left, and John David Washington in a scene from Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman." (Photo/David Lee-Focus Features)

My appearance on Jweekly on ‘BlacKkKlansman’ and the possibilities, then and now, of a black-Jewish alliance.

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